Star Wars “Shattered Empire”- A Comic Book Swap

Star Wars “The Force Awakens” brought Star Wars fans like myself new characters, new stories, and new adventures. I enjoyed the movie immensely and found myself suddenly thirsty for more. I was also curious about what happened in the years after the demise of the second Death Star and an empire in chaos. That is where “Shattered Empire” comes in- and the great timing of a comic book swap.


I have been lucky enough to find a community of female geek bloggers that is very similar to the Star Wars fandom itself- a diverse group of female writers from different parts of the world with a diverse set of interests all with a common goal. While the goal of Star Wars fans is obviously to support the franchise, the goal of these women is to support and encourage each other. One of the ladies I connected to from the start was Pepi Valderrama. Pepi of the blog has a love of villains just like myself and she lives in my bucket list destination- The UK! I was pretty excited to get post from across the pond and from a super cool chick at that! Although I had just participated in a secret gift exchange where my gift sender had dropped the ball a bit, I knew Pepi wouldn’t allow that to happen!


In the course of the travels our comics were taking from one side of the pond to the other, we realized that I went a little overboard, and as we laughed about it via Facebook messenger, Pepi decided to send me a postcard and a few little tidbits. While totally unnecessary, I appreciated them greatly and loved that they arrived the same day as my comic! It was so cool to see the “Royal Post” postmark on the card. It was almost as if Star Wars’ Princess Leia sent me a royal bit of mail along with my Star Wars: Shattered Empire. It was the perfect side dish to my Star Wars main course!


Be sure to visit and show Pepi some love!


Star Wars, Shattered EmpireStar Wars, Shattered Empire

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