Star Wars Battlefront: A Game Review

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star wars, star wars battlefront, video game reviewStar Wars Battlefront is a major series of games and with the release of a seventh episode in 2015, there was no better time to reboot the gaming series and give it a new identity.

Thankfully, Star Wars Battlefront, despite some mishaps, does manage to maintain the feel and looks of the original trilogy, all while delivering maybe the best shooting experiences for online shooters.

Star Wars Battlefront: The Specifics

What I liked the most about Star Wars: Battlefront is the ability to play in quite a lot of game modes, as each one delivers a different experience. For example, you either need to capture droids or to defend specific zones. In fact, you also have the ability to engage in massive battles, or take the role of a hero from the original trilogy if you so desire.

While there is no skill tree in the game, you do have the ability to create and modify your own load and access items based on the level you have. This does make the experience exciting and fun, and there are quite a few interesting customization options to be had- such as being able to have an empire clone without helmet.

Battles are very exciting, regardless of the game mode that you want to experience and, since there are around a dozen weapons, grenades and vehicles to use, you won’t have a problem getting the experience you want.

Even if there’s no iron sights to make the gameplay simpler, I did find the game to be easy at times, although depending on the map and game mode, it can get a little challenging.

Graphically the game is simply stunning and each location was created with a huge attention to detail. Not only does this make the gameplay feel more realistic, but it also provides a boost and excitement to the entire experience- which is what matters the most. You also have the opportunity to play in third or first person, a nice touch considering that this title is an FPS at heart.

The game play is filled with possibilities, and even if many of the maps are far from large (aside from the 20v20 maps), you can still get quite a lot of fun by learning them and figuring out the best strategies. Team play is accessible, but it does come down to finding people that are okay with teaming up with you.

The downside for the game is definitely a lack of singleplayer stuff, such as a campaign. You get a challenge mode that is basically a wave based experience, which is nice, but unfortunately doesn’t bring you the campaign that you always wanted in this game.

Star Wars Battlefront does lots of things properly and even if it might not manage to include content from the prequels or more from the sequel trilogy, there’s no denying that the game can have a lot to offer, and that’s what really makes you come back. The community is very large so almost all game types are populated, which means that you just have to figure out what mode you like and give it a shot. I suggest you to get the game as it’s really good, or you can wait for a gold/ultimate edition that will include the Season Pass.

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