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Origin Bound is a site that I found thanks to the power of Facebook marketing. An advert popped up in my newsfeed and I was immediately intrigued (score one for targeted marketing). Origin Bound is a unique graphic novel delivery system where you are sent the cover and a brief synopsis of a graphic novel by text. When you receive the text, you have several options:


1) You can text BUY. The first time you book BUY, you will receive a prompt to enter in your billing and payment information. Your credit card is charged once your graphic novel ships. After the first time, you can text BUY and your purchase is complete.
2) You can text LIKE. This gives the system an idea of your preferences. Even if you don’t actually buy anything, this helps tailor your future options. Then you will receive novels are closer to your taste (and that you are more likely to buy).
3) You can text DISLIKE. Similarly, if you text DISLIKE, it will help in preventing any novels you wouldn’t be interested in.


Additionally, at any time, you can text the title of a graphic novel that you are looking for and it will do its best to find it for you. I did this once for Deadpool Classic #2 and it did find it for me. So, from what I have seen, it does work.


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Origin Bound: The Pros and Cons

  • It is certainly the perfect system for someone who is looking for variety in their graphic novels and may not be fully aware of all that is out there. It’s a great way to step out of your Marvel or DC box and discover some less “famous” novels and characters.
  • It is incredibly easy to use and it has a great gamification element in that you really don’t know what is going to show up each day. It’s a nice little daily surprise on your phone.
  • Origin BoundThe packaging is amazing. You can clearly see that they understand the importance of protecting the integrity of the comic.
  • The service is much more personal. I ordered my Deadpool Classic #2 around the time of Free Comic Book Day. They sent me a free comic book with my order along with a handwritten note!
  • The pricing and shipping can prove to be more expensive for some people (particularly Amazon Prime members). The Origin Bound program introduces the user to novels they are not aware of (read: know to search for on Amazon). However, I find it hard to actually BUY.  As a Prime member with free shipping, I am more likely to take the title and search it via Amazon.
  • In addition to the shipping cost, the shipping speed is slower than Amazon (but then again, there really isn’t anything that is faster than Amazon Prime at this point). For those without Amazon, shipping is pretty fast compared to other companies.


Regardless of whether you feel Origin Bound is right for you or not, it is exciting to see the innovation that seems to continually come from the geek community- and for the geek community! Let me know if you decide to give Origin Bound a try and what your experiences are!

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