Geek Fuel Subscription Boxes: The 411

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Geek Fuel, Monthly box, Geek subscriptionGeek Fuel subscription boxes are to be commended. Their clever use of a Groupon offer for a box that had no strings attached (i.e. an ongoing subscription) achieved what I thought would be impossible – they lured me back into a world that I have had a love/not impressed- mostly not impressed – relationship with. My relationship cycle with subscription boxes usually follows this path:


1) Find a box where the current month is filled with all or mostly all my fandoms.
2) Sign up for said box.
3) Receive and rejoice at said box.
4) Wait for the next box the following month.
5) Receive and semi-rejoice at a box not so filled with my fandoms.


From there, the trend continues on a downward spiral. Yes, I know subscription boxes (Geek Fuel) can’t and won’t always have all my fandoms. However, when spending $20-$30 dollars a month on something, any consumer would want to know that it is going to be something they will want and will enjoy. It is basic human nature. So, what is a geek girl to do? Look for the positives! There are some positives that help Geek Fuel stand out from the rest (and have kept me subscribed longer than most other ones I have tried thus far).


Benefits of Geek Fuel 

1) Each month Geek Fuel includes a computer game that can operate on both Windows and iOS. I know these games can run anywhere from $10-$20 so that is a consistent value each month. As someone who is a very novice gamer, it is nice exposure to computer games that I didn’t / wouldn’t know existed without them showing up at my doorstep each month. It is fun trying my hand at these games even if I don’t get very far (which is usually the case).
Geek Fuel, Certificate 2) Each month contains a limited edition item. Although other boxes have “exclusive” items, Geek Fuel provides a certificate of authenticity for each of their limited edition/ exclusive items. I appreciate this extra level of exclusivity.
3) Geek Fuel allows for sign-ups all month. Even after boxes have shipped for the month, someone can sign up. So, even if you cancel and find a box that you want, you don’t have to order it within a window of only a few days or a week.
4) The shipping of this box seems much more streamlined overall but also a lot faster than other boxes. With other boxes, I would receive a shipping notification a week or even two weeks before the box would ship. That is not the case with Geek Fuel. Additionally, once it is en route, it seems to arrive much quicker.


So, if you are looking to grow as a person and become more accepting of fandoms that you don’t belong to, want to explore games that you probably didn’t know existed and collect limited edition items, than Geek Fuel is the box you need in your life! Check them out TODAY!

2 thoughts on “Geek Fuel Subscription Boxes: The 411

  1. Mariah Kaercher

    I have been looking at geekfuel for quite sometime. The only issue is that I’m not really a PC gamer because my laptop doesn’t have hardly any memory :/ so I feel like I wouldn’t be able to play the game that’s included.

    1. Michelle Post author

      That is a tough one then. As I said, a lot of the value in the box comes from the game. Unless, of course, you are pretty much a fan of every fandom LOL


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