Funko Pop Round-up: The Haves & Must Haves

The Funko Pop has, at least to some, become the go-to geek collectible. They have made their way into every comic shop and comic con you can image. Whether you have a Comic Con exclusive, a store exclusive, or even a limited edition one, Funko Pops are on everyone’s wish list. There is even “Funko Fridays” in the geek community.

I have resisted the financial black hole that Funko Pops seem to become for most people. I promised myself, before I even bought my first one, that I would ONLY buy ones related to my specific fandoms- and ones that are as unique and rare as possible. While I have strayed from the latter just a bit, I have managed to stay committed to buying only ones related to my fandoms.

My current Funko Pops

1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Rey, BB-8, Captain Phasma, and Kylo Ren
2) Marvel’s Avengers
     Scarlet Witch from Captain America: Civil War
     2015 SDCC Exclusive Captain America unmasked
3) Doctor Who
     Barnes and Noble exclusive Fourth Doctor
     2015 SDCC Exclusive Eleventh Doctor with Handles
4) Miscellaneous
     An X-Men blue and yellow Deadpool
     Roller Derby Harley Quinn


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My Funko Pop Wish List

1) Captain Jack Harkness and River Song from Doctor Who
I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan and these are two of my favorite characters. I love the strong, fearless female lead that River was/is and Captain Jack….well, you just have to watch because there really are no words (in a good way!).
I love, love Deadpool and I love, love Mexican food. Not really anything else to say about that!
I can’t wait for the Doctor Strange movie that will be coming out in November. I can’t wait to watch a movie with a character that I currently really don’t know anything about. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my all time favorite actors. I am sure it will be a match made in fandom heaven.
I am obsessed with the modern version of Sherlock Holmes on BBC. Cumberbatch’s portrayal is amazing. He brings attributes of the character alive in a way that I really have never seen before. Needless to say, a Funko Pop honoring this character and his actor are a must for my collection.
I have been a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory since the beginning. While Sheldon would seem the oddest of the bunch, and I am not nearly as anti-social as he is, there is a lot about his character that I can relate to. More than anything though, the show wouldn’t be what it is (or has been) without him.


And Finally…

While the first five are fairly similar, and fall in line with my current collection, the last one is an homage to what I would consider my first “fandom.” Ever since I was a kid, I have absolutely loved The Golden Girls. It was a show incredibly ahead of its time in the sense of its humor, story choices, the issues it addressed, and just the fact that someone thought that four senior ladies could be “cool.” It’s actually one thing I love about Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He is a fan of the Golden Girls. I mean how funny and random is that? So, once I add the Golden Girls to my collection, I will be sure to put them next to my Deadpool ones (haha).


Regardless of where my Funko Pop collection takes me, I am curious to know how extensive (or restrained) of a collector you are. What is your take on Pops and how far do you plan on taking your collection in the future?

2 thoughts on “Funko Pop Round-up: The Haves & Must Haves

  1. Karen

    At Barnes & Nobles, they have Sherlock in the Deerstalker cap (the original SH’s millinery of choice)! I learned of him from Danielle, and bought him that night! He looks great with Watson!


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